Music is the secret ingredient.

Elusive and intangible, strikes deeply both our collective and intimate minds. We work with Music, striving to reach an ever more discerning audience, winning hearts and minds, setting the mood, creating everlasting memories.

What we do

Tell us the venue, the occasion, the mood. We’ll tell you the music, live or DJ, acoustic or electric, duet or full orchestra. All the technicalities are left to us. Let the music be the secret ingredient.


& Musical Programming

Artist Booking
& Management

Technical Audio
& Visual Services

Sound Landscaping
( Playlist Management )


Featured Work

Mercado de Campo de Ourique is Lisbon’s first food court, beautifully integrated in an old renovated market. Working closely with Mercado’s PR team, we manage a monthly musical programme consisting of small band performances, DJ sets and other surprise events. After a few months, Mercado is now increasingly regarded as a social and cultural reference in the city.


We work with a large community of distinguished and authentic musicians who’s work we admire. We intervene directly in the musical direction of each group and create bespoke bands and projects for special occasions.

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